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Elisabetta Perer

During her time in the UK, Elisabetta graduated in Art & Design in Fashion (Bath College) and later as a Hatha yoga teacher (Kevala Center Torquay). Her passion for fashion, since childhood, blends perfectly well with her ongoing research of inner well-being and physical health.

Once back in Italy she began to teach yoga to spread awareness around the psycho-physical benefits of this ancient discipline. Years of meticulous research to find the best quality and eco-sustainable materials lead to the creation of garments for both yoga and everyday life.

PERER is all about essential and perfectly fitting designs that Elisabetta personally tests, on which she says:

”I didn’t want to create clothing that was designed just to practise yoga but instead that I could wear at any time of the day. This was a personal realisation that helped me reinvent the rules for me and for all women.

With my brand I want to convey the concept of freedom by combining elegant clothes with more casual ones, because to change the world we have to start with ourselves.

In my view, clothing can support the multiple commitments of a woman’s life by adding positive energy and love.

Freedom & Respect are words that I often use in my lessons.

I am a positive, courageous person with a great desire to always immerse myself in new projects. I love kindness and I believe that smiling plays an essential role in the pursuit of happiness. Every day we should allow ourselves a moment of lightness.

Wear PERER to feel free and be the protagonist of your life,

You are the style, the clothes are the means.“

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